Cognitive Wellness for Lawyers

A Comprehensive Course including Premium Coaching and CLE Credit

Join us for a transformative 5-day coaching course designed specifically for lawyers seeking to enhance their cognitive wellness. Through a holistic approach, you'll learn practical strategies to boost your brain health, improve focus and concentration, and reduce stress in the demanding legal profession.

What You'll Learn:

Day 1: Understanding Cognitive Wellness


  • Day 1: Understanding Cognitive Wellness

    • Introduction to cognitive health

    • Factors influencing cognitive function

  • Day 2: Nutrition for Brain Health

    • Foods and supplements for cognitive enhancement

    • Meal planning for busy legal professionals

  • Day 3: Mind-Body Connection

    • Stress management techniques

    • Mindfulness and meditation practices

  • Day 4: Cognitive Fitness

    • Exercises to improve memory and cognitive function

    • Building mental resilience

  • Day 5: Lifestyle Strategies for Cognitive Wellness

    • Importance of sleep and physical activity

    • Creating a holistic wellness plan

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Why Choose Us?

  • Dr. Patti Wilhite McCartney is a lawyer, naturopathic doctor, coach and experienced CLE Present

  • Practical strategies tailored for lawyers

  • Supportive community of legal professionals

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Don't miss this opportunity to invest in your cognitive wellness and enhance your performance as a lawyer. Join us for this transformative 5-day coaching cour