Glossed Over-Addressing Mental Wellness Among Women Lawyers

Discover Personal Wellth dor Women Lawyers

According to the ABA, women make up approximately 37% of the legal profession. Yet, research indicates that female lawyers are much more likely to suffer from mental distress and contemplate leaving the profession. Struggles with earning less, decreased advancement opportunities and pressure to choose between family and career, are only a few root causes behind the mental health crisis women lawyers are experiencing. This unique course offers neuroscience nutrition and natural health strategies designed to help women thrive. Learn emotion regulating tools that can help us maximize our mindset for improved outcomes and discover self-care concepts every woman can incorporate for professional wellness.

  • Learning Objectives-

  • Learn how mental distress affects women lawyers.

  • Understanding the difference between men and women’s brains.

  • Discover how to distinguish between emotional and mental wellness and how to master both.

  • Learn the nutritional needs for women’s brain health.

  • Discover cognitive behavior tools to help you chart the course toward your ultimate success.

  • CLE Credit available.